Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Blog neglect

To those that have asked about it, sorry I haven't posted anything since June but it's been a topsy-turvey summer and I've been slaving away on a ginormous paper for my professor that I just completed. However the blog will have some new entries coming soon (which I may even edit for errors this time) with such exciting subjects as....

1) Five Shows That Should Be Part of Discovery Channel's Shark Week.

2) Film Review: The Narrow Margin

3) Boston Red Sox regular season wrap-up and post-season preview (yea I'm confident about us getting there).

In the mean time enjoy Jerry Lewis's hilarious homophobic comment during this year's MDA telethon...

What a antiquated cut-up! As atonement I think he should sing "Never Walk Alone" at the conclusion of the NYC gay pride parade next year.